I'm romance author Maddie James. I say welcome to my worlds because after nearly 25 years of writing and publishing romance fiction, I've created quite a few. I've built and populated a whole town with quirky and everyday characters in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've invented worlds of cowboys and ranches set in Montana, South Dakota, and Colorado. There's a time travel world that lands you in 1718 pirate era, and then into a post-revolution 2033. Then there's Witchdom...a community of witches and warlocks I'm building right now. And, I've written in many worlds of suspense and intrigue. Still, there's more to explore. So. Much. More.

"What a tangled web! An intricate plot of mystery and suspense. James deftly combines romance and suspense, so hop on for an exhilarating ride."
— Sandra Garcia-Myers, 4 Stars, RT Book Reviews
"Heartwarming and tender, this novel will brighten many dreary afternoons in small town America… [James] shows special talent for traditional romance." 
— Affair de Coeur Reviews
“No other author can hold a candle to Maddie James … [Protecting Sarah] shows how positivity can rise above the negativity in the world… Not hard to fall in love with perfection.”
 Isha Coleman, Candid Book Reviews

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email: maddie@maddiejames.net